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SKC Board

SKC's Board has a decision mandate over SKC's operations and serves the shared interests of all partnering organisations. For that reason, the Board consists of one representative from each partnering organisation and is chaired by an independent chairman.


Karl Bergman
Chairman SKC
Director R&D Nordic
Vattenfall AB

Lena Oliver
Principal Engineer
Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB

Johan Börjesson
Deputy Managing Director
Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB

Monika Adsten
R&D Manager
Ringhals AB

Jan Karjalainen
Engineering Manager

Per Seltborg
Research Manager

Thomas Nilsson
Professor and Head of Department
Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics, Department of Physics
Chalmers University of Technology

Gabriella Andersson
Professor at Department of Physics and Astronomy
Materials Physics
Uppsala University

Oscar Tjernsberh
Deputy Head of School
School of Engineering Sciences
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Last changed: Nov 02, 2022