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Winners of Sigvard Eklund’ s prize 2023

At the SKC Annual Symposium 2023 we proudly announced three well-deserved winners of Sigvard Eklund´s prize 2023.

To the left: The SKC Director and the three winners. To the right: Diogo Costa, winner of the prize for best PhD Thesis

Diogo Ribeiro Costa was awarded the prize for the best Doctoral for his theses Development of Encapsulated UN-UO2 Accident Tolerant Fuel. (pdf 3.9 MB)

The evaluation committee concludes that the thesis addresses the development of accident tolerant fuel in a very targeted and efficient way with a large output of journal papers describing a new fuel concept consisting of UN microspheres embedded in a UO2 fuel matrix and also that the candidate has shown great experimental skills to fabricate, characterize and investigate these new concepts and has shown to be able to efficiently collaborate with other researchers to efficiently generate results.

The thesis was written at KTH with Pär Olsson as supervisor.

The prize for the best MSc thesis was awarded to Gabriela Lapinska at KTH for her thesis Effect of Proton Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Fe-10Cr-4Al in Liquid Lead (pdf 1.7 MB)  and the prize for the best BSc thesis was awarded to Wenhan Zhou at Uppsala University for his thesis Deep Neural Networks as Surrogate Models for Fuel Performance Codes. (pdf 4.8 MB)