30 students at the SNEC/SKC networking event

Publicerad 2016-06-21

About 30 students and representatives from industry met in Gothenburg on June 14th to listen to excellent research in nuclear technology when SKC and SNEC, Chalmers organised a network event.

The programme for the day at Chalmers included a poster session as well as presentations by students from many different fields of nuclear technology. We also heard Kåre Axell from SSM comment on the authority’s ambitions for securing the national nuclear competence base. Finally, presentations were held by two winners of the Sigvard Eklund Prize, awarded by SKC every year to the best BSc, MSc and PhD theses within nuclear technology in Sweden. The day ended with a buffet dinner during which Aneta Sajdova and Mikael Andersson each were awarded a small prize for, respectively, the event’s best poster, titled “Accident tolerant fuel: Uranium microspheres doped with chromium prepared by modified internal sol gel process” and the best presentation, on “Control Rod Homogenization in Heterogeneous Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors”.

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