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What we do

SKC, Swedish Centre for Nuclear Technology, shall provide long-term support to securing knowledge and competence development at an academic level for the Swedish nuclear technology programs. This shall be a basis for providing resources to the Swedish nuclear industry and its regulators. It means that SKC will contribute to a safe, effective and thus reliable nuclear energy production, which is an important part of the Swedish energy supply.

The SKC activities are controlled by a board  where all parties are represented. A director is responsible for the operation of the SKC and pre­sents the plans and results to the board for their decisions. SKC is financed by Swedish Radiation Safety Authorit, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, Ringhals AB, OKG AB and Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB. The SKC activities and financing are controlled by an agreement between the financing parties and the universities Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Chalmers University of Technology and Uppsala Uni­versity.

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Last changed: Aug 17, 2020